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Bio: Esuton Industry Group has been committed to artificial quartz stone slab whole set producing machines and natural stone machine since the year 2005. We achieved rich experience in the field of artificial quartz stone producing machine lines and application processing machines.
In recent years through buying shares, and mutual share holding with other professional stone machine manufacturing factories, Esuton group now can provide you whole set quartz stone slab, solid surface stone, stone countertops CNC machine, stone calibrating, splitting, polishing machine and so on.
Esuton industry has provide more than 500 sets quartz stone slab pressing machine lines, and more than 100 whole sets auto cutting, calibration and polishing machine lines, more than 300 sets stone countertop CNC cutting and profiling machine since established. Our customer ranged all over China, and also have exported to India, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Russia and more than 15 countries.
The motto of our company is to keep our promises and provide high quality and high cost performance machines and service always. The principle to do business is customer-oriented. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!
Our Factoryautomatic Quartz Stone Vibration Machine
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